Students Exchange Program
Balestier Hill Secondary School
Secondary School Students in Mihara City

D ear friends of Balestier Hill Secondary School
Hello! We are eleven students of Mihara city who were supposed to visit your school in August. As we cannot visit Singapore due to the SARS problem, we would like to communicate with you on this web site to deepen mutual understanding.
We will introduce our culture such as school life in Mihara City on this web site. If you have any questions, please feel free to write your questions on this web site and we will try to do our best to answer your questions.
We will also write what we would like to know about Singapore. We would appreciate it if you could answer our questions.
With warmest regards,

   Please use simple words and expression, as our members only started studying English one year ago. Pupils start studying English only from the first grade of secondary school in Japan.

   Do you know this?
       The LRT(Light Rapid Transit system) trains are made in Mihara City!
       Trains for LRT at Bukit Panjang were made by the Mitsubishi Heavy
       Industry in Mihara and new trains for Punggol and Sengkang are also now
       being made in Mihara. Please try these trains.

1-2-1 Siro-machi Mihara-city Hiroshima-pref.
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